40th Birthday Girly Cake

Click HERE to watch the video slideshow of the pictures and details of this cake!! 

When one of my friends e-mailed me a couple of weeks ago about making a 40th birthday cake for one of our friends, I jumped all over the opportunity.  What makes it even more fun was that the party was a surprise.  Shhh!  Well, I guess it’s okay now, since the party has already taken place.

So, the creative juices started flowing.


Originally, I knew that I wanted to attempt to make a high heeled shoe out of gumpaste as the topper.  It turned out okay…certainly not perfect, but overall wasn’t terrible considering it was my first shot at it.  I used a template to make this shoe, then realized that I could buy an actual kit that makes it much easier and more perfect than the standard template…but starting out, this way was free.  The original plan was to just have the shoe and 40 made out of chocolate as the cake toppers.  Well, when I made the shoe, that’s when things got out of control.


When I started researching other ideas for girly cakes with girly accessories, that’s when the thought of a matching handbag went along with it.  So, I had to make a matching handbag.  Done.  This was also a first.


I couldn’t help but to add this little information to the back…because at least one of the girls in our group has become so…tipsy…that she lost her purse.  Twice.


Well, a purse contains girly accessories, right?  Of course.  So, all of the necessities for a girls’ night out were put together.  Everything here is made out of fondant, and was very easy to make.


What goes along with a girls’ night out?  Cocktails!  In this little plastic martini glass, I tinted some piping gel and put it in the glass to look like a Cosmopolitan.


And we can’t forget to have a fake ID that says our birthday girl is 29, along with a VIP pass and a yellow cab business card.


For the actual cake, it was originally going to be smaller…but when I found out that there were supposed to be 30-40 people at the party, that gave me a little more freedom to make a bigger cake to accommodate the growing accessories.  The bottom tier is a 14 inch 3-layer dark chocolate cake with mini chocolate chips, and chocolate filling in between the layers.  The top tier is a 12 inch 2 layer cinnamon cake with cream cheese filling between the layers.  Our birthday girl loves chocolate, but I also wanted to do something a little different than the standard yellow, and most people love cinnamon.

I had to make the cake bling and beautiful, so adding the bling border around the cake was absolutely perfect…along with the ruffles.


Here is the finished product, and I’ll have to say that I was very pleased…along with the birthday girl as well.  This was a very fun cake to make!!


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    1. I sure did! Actually, the shoe is the only thing that is made mostly of gumpaste, everything else is made of fondant. With the exception of the plastic martini glass and the chocolate 40, everything was made from fondant and gumpaste. Thank you!!

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