Poop Emoji Cake

Over The Hill birthdays give you the opportunity to go over the edge with funny gifts. Which is why this is one of my favorite sections in a party store to look at, because there’s usually something good enough to make me laugh out loud. This cake had the same effect. Two sisters-in-law and myRead More

Pirate Birthday Party

Click HERE to watch the slideshow! It’s hard to believe our son turned a year old, but I was prepared to throw him a pirate party.  Every time my husband would pick on me for going “overboard” (ha ha, get it?), I would scoff at him and say, “He’ll remember this party for the rest ofRead More

Frozen Birthday Cake

Frozen…the movie that literally every mom knows.  In fact, I bet every mom knows every single word to the song “Let It Go.”  Backwards.  Maybe even in Chinese.  I’ve gone as far as getting the sheet music and downloading background music to play it on my flute.  The things we do for our children. Our daughterRead More

Princess Castle Cake

Over the weekend, we threw a birthday party for our daughter.  It’s still hard to believe she’s already four years old.  Anyway, several months ago I had asked her what kind of cake and party she wanted, and since she’s really into princesses, this was naturally the theme she picked.  So, I started thinking, andRead More

Erskine College Cake

It’s that time of year…Graduation!  Whether it’s kindergarten, high school, or college, this is definitely a big part of the year.  Everyone’s babies are growing up.  With this particular cake, I really like the theme behind it.  Mom and daughter were announcing what college she’s decided to go to through this cake at her high school graduationRead More

Humorous Science Cake

When it comes to birthdays, it seems like different people see them in a very different light.  You have those people who really don’t care all that much, it’s just another day.  Then, there are the people who embrace the fact that they’re still on this beautiful planet for another year, and happily celebrate.  AndRead More

Finding Nemo Birthday Party

My best friend threw her little girl’s 2nd birthday party recently, and decided to go with a Finding Nemo theme.  Honestly, it couldn’t be more of a perfect fit.  Mama has always been fascinated with ocean life and fishies in general, and her little girl is a water baby as well…and they both absolutely LOVE FindingRead More