Mocha Cupcakes

I used a moist cake recipe for these cupcakes, but adjusted it some.  I used 1/2 cup strong coffee to make the icing, and had some leftover coffee…so I added that to the batter. These are dark chocolate mocha cupcakes with chocolate chips baked in the batter, and coffee icing with chocolate chips for aRead More

Chocolate and Caramel Eclairs

For me, eclairs have always been the kind of dessert that I don’t see often, but coming across it has always been a delicious treat. But when it comes to flavors, I’m all about a variety.  Here are the standard chocolate eclairs that I made for the first time, with the chocolate topping.  These disappearedRead More

Oreo Cupcakes

Watch the video on You Tube!  How to Make Oreo Cupcakes The picture above is the first time I made Oreo cupcakes.  They were so delicious, that when I even mention their name to people who have had them before, they start asking, “So, when are you going to make those again?”  I’ve definitely madeRead More